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by sunny on October 12,

Get paid to blog online is one of my favorite way to make money online. Making money from blogging is really very easy. If you have basic writing skills you can start blogging for money within minutes. The only thing that you need to know is how to set up a blog and how to generate traffic for your blog. Many writers have written great articles and created blogs for the same purpose but failed at getting traffic.

Get Paid Blogging-Getting Traffic

The most common practices to generate traffic for your blog includes socialBlogging  For Business networks, link trading, search engine optimization and blogs commenting to post links in other blogs. It has been seen that most people trying at get paid to blog sites fail to promote their own blog site and give up within weeks. There are unlimited methods to generate traffic or visitors to your blog like the ones mentioned above are used daily by successful bloggers.

Finding a site to set up a free blog is not difficult just do a search at for free blogging sites. If you want to set up your own blog, then for under one hundred dollars you can have your own web site and blog with a domain for 3 years and if you are really serious about  making money blogging online this is the best route. If you are wanting your blogs to be successful you need to write at least 3 to 7 posts a week and it depends on the subject the more popular the more posts. You could have a blog on bad girls, cheerleaders, food, money, investing or even a sports blog.

Get paid to blog on revenue sharing sites is best for those who want to make money online for free. There are several websites that you can join for free where you can get paid to write blog posts. Basically these websites share revenue with you when users click on the ads displayed on your blog post. You could spend precious energy and time scouring the internet on ways to make money online. Blogging for money by writing great content is one of the easiest ways to make cash on the internet.

Most people think that the Internet is a gold mine waiting to be cashed in and yes it is but you have to have the right information and tools. Blogging for dollars is the best way to start out making money online spending no or very little money. Web 2.0 is a great way to make money blogging.

These paid to write blog posts websites do not require technical abilities or special skills like web design or php programming but having knowledge of any of these skills could help you in the long run. Setting up a free blog takes only few minutes. Remember that your selection of topics and keywords can be crucial in the success of the blog.

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