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by sunny on June 27,

The free classified forms are one of the methods I use to this day to make money submitting forms at home. It won't cost you anything to post in these sites. Most of them will have some sort of upsell for a premium spot, but you don't need to do that. Just use the free method. Website's grow and change. So if you see a classified site that no longer accepts free ad form submissions, just let me know so I can investigate it and remove it if needed.

What You'll Submit in the Forms:

You can submit ad forms for any of the 11,000 companies in ClickBank™. I showed you how to get your tracking link in a previous post. You can choose any site to submit ads for, but I'm going to show you how to do it with this site as an example Writingjob is a site that does extremely well that I highly recommend you try out. I have included the URL below.

http: //

(Just please be sure to replace the xxxxx with your ClickBank™ nickname. This is to ensure that you get credited for the money you earn.)

The Data You'll Submit into the Forms...

Simply use the text I have below for your postings in the classifieds. This is the data you'll simply Cut and Paste into the online forms. But once you get the hang of it, you'll come up with your own variations.

Sample Subjects to use:

*Make $10 in 5 minutes.
*Get Paid To Write.
*Huge List of Cash Paying Writing Jobs.
*Get Paid To Write Articles!
*Get Paid For Your Stories!
*Get paid To Write online.

Sample Descriptions to use:

*Get Paid to write online. Earn up to $150/hr! Start Today.

*Work from home with a proven system for people who want to get paid for writing stories, & essays. Get paid for wrting.

*Have you ever wondered... how some people can appear to do far less than you do in a day and yet they have more money and more free time than you? It's time to change that. Start getting paid to write articles. Earn up to $150/hr. Start Right Now.

*Start getting paid $150/hr writing online. 1.2 Billion Dollar industry. Get your piece of the pie. Where your 2 cents is worth a lot more then you think!

*Imagine the Freedom... Work from the comfort of your own home. Work approximately 2 hours a day. Income potential $150/hr. Just writing articles. Start Today.

*Are you looking for the perfect business to work from the privacy of your own home? Then you have found it! If you are tired of being burned by all the earn-from-home scams out there, then check out this opportunity. Just write articles and get paid for your articles published.

Here's a sample of how you can submit the ad forms. Just be sure to add your hoplink to the end of the description like I do below. This is how you'll get credited for all the money you earn.

Subject: Amazing Money Making Opportunities!
You do the math! Add up all the hours you spend watching TV, surfing the Web, and throwing money down the drain for a big fat zero. With one click of your mouse you can start making money. Ultimate Writing Package
http: //

Here's some tips:

1. I recommend that you setup a free email account at Yahoo™ to use for all of these. That way you can keep this separate from your personal email.

2. Just go to each classified site and look for the Post your ad link.

3. Most sites will have you create an user account to submit the ads. Make it easy and use the same user/pass for every classified site.

4. You'll often see upsell's to pay a couple dollars and get higher rankings. You don't need to do this but if you have the extra money it can help increase your exposure.

5. I recommend that when you post to the business opportunities, home based businesses, or work at home categories on these classified sites.

That's all you have to do to submit data online. You'll want to post to a lot of these to start to see the results. Below you will find list of classified sites to post ads.

List of Top 10 Free Classified Sites to submit you ads

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