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by sunny on July 23,

Get paid to post is a very simple work to get paid for. So, for those who don't know about what paid to post programs are. The Paid to post programs are basically a online work where the user get paid for posting content on their blog, or writing a comment on other blogs and for posting on forums.

There are many websites which pay you for posting articles and reviews on your blogs. These sites are like other GPT sites which do not charge any money for registering as a blogger or member.

The concept behind paid to post websites is very simple and legitimate. The sites where you get registered as blogger act as a middleman between you and the advertisers looking for this type of advertising.

Get_paid_to_postNow, you must be thinking why these advertisers will choose your blog to advertise their product when there are already many sites available having a better site then yours and getting a lot more traffic then your site.

The reason behind this is really what makes the paid to post sites exist and survive online. The advertisers using paid to post blog networks are not advertising for the traffic from your blog. What they want from your blog is link pointing to their site via a positive review posted by you.

In fact they want your blog post to look like a natural post written by a user of their product and not like an advertisement of their product. This helps them in building buyer confidence. But the main goal of these advertisers is to have a natural looking link pointing to their site. Because getting links pointing to their sites help them in ranking higher in the search results. As most of the search engines like Google, yahoo, msn etc., consider backlinks in ranking a website in their search results.

How much you get paid to post on your blog?

The amount you get paid for posting comments or writing an entire post depends upon the quality of you blog and the length of the post. Here by quality I mean your blog rank, if the Google rank for you blog is above 2 or 3 you have better chance of getting accepted by the advertisers paying up to $20.0 to 25.0 per post.

How you get paid?

Most of the paid to post website networks pay you using various options as online payment processor like PayPal, or by cheque or by direct deposit in your bank account.

If you liked the concept and want to earn money using paid to post websites  click on  Getting started with paid to post websites. For those who are new to GPT Sites i would not recommend you to start working online using paid to post websites. One should use these sites only after getting familiar with working on GPT sites.

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