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by sunny on July 2,

The key to making a nice chunk of change by doing emails is to get referrals.  In order to do that, you need to join a program as soon as they launch.

PTRs or GPTRs (also known as get paid to read emails, sign up for offers, perform tasks...) are definitely not a 'get rich quick' scheme. The only way to get rich with PTR is if a miracle happens and the missing 12Daily Pro Funds are magically credited to your Money Account! LOL, not very likely.

No, we're a group of hard-working people who believe that we must put in a certain amount of effort in order to earn. Maybe some of us have been scammed by other programs and decided to play it safe by starting with a really low payout and working our way up. Or maybe some members are very wise and play it safe right from the start.

Either way, you can do a lot more than read emails with PTR: you learn the Basics of Internet Marketing, starting with the necessity of recruiting new members which is the essential part of any online program: once you have a sustainable downline, you don't need to work as hard.

In addition, PTRs are a fantastic medium for low cost advertising and the more PTRs you are able to handle at any given time, the more readers you will reach with your ads! Therefore it is important to have a multi-tabbed browser in order to save time by opening many links simultaneously.

This is not cheating! Many times you will see the same Ad over and over and at the rate that you are paid, you cannot afford to waste a single second. When you click on multiple links but read only the items of interest to you, not only do you get credit but you also give credit to people promoting PTP!

When it comes to searches and you're not a Fan, please click on any link at random to do a **Valid Search so that the promoter will earn his/her credits. Let's face it, * Search Sites are IN and seem to be the most popular and highest paid reads these days so we all better get used to them!

Mostly, I strongly believe that the more clicks you give, the more you will receive, it's a law of Nature!

I have researched PTRs based on the following criteria:

1) They must be honest, paying and paying fast (Most within 48hrs, some as soon as a few hours!)

2) Membership should be at least 1000 (exceptions being made for some smaller, friendly sites and of course New Sites)

3) The clicks are worth at least 1/4 cent but preferably more - most are .5c and higher

All sites mentioned here fall into one of the following categories:

- Reliable, Older Sites that have earned a Solid Reputation for Honesty and Fast Payments

- Sites that are Newer but have already paid a lot of members.

- Brand New PTRs: these are expected to do well on account of being owned by reputable, honest WMs with a great track record.

As a result, because all of the Programs on this site will be Wonderful I will divide them into 3 Groups:

1) RELIABLE Search PTRS  - all emails fall into the "paid to search" category

2) RELIABLE No-Search PTRs

3) RELIABLE General PTRs- Mix of Regular email, PTP and Search

Also, I will include what I call "Cozy PTRs": these are the really cute sites, with a homey feeling to them, where you get to smile, joke and laugh as you relax from all your searches! Memberships here are smaller, pay is a little bit less but the timers are shorter. The WMs are friendly and honest.

* Tips for Making Searches Fun and Easy:

1) Be sure to have a "tabbed Browser": I recommend "Avant Browser" (easy to use, built-in AD Blocker, does not interfere with IE etc.)

2) Open 5 or 6 searches (or whatever you are comfortable with) from different sites, in separate tabs: do not do your valid searches right away.

3) Once the sites are loaded go back to the first tab - Very Important: it does not matter that the timer has expired, you can still do a ** valid search! - and perform your search at your leisure, doing each tab one at a time. I have noticed that each results page loads a lot more quickly this way and you are spared the frustration of your computer slowing down!

4) Click on items you are not familiar with and you'll be amazed at what you find out!

** Definition of a Valid Search - this consists of a total of 3 clicks:

1) Click on the usual paid-to link: the search page loads;

2) Click on any keyword: a results page will load;

3) click on a result link: at this point you will sometimes (not always) be asked to validate your click (a window comes up and tells you what to click on [sorry, that's a 4th click but it only takes a split second!]. After this last click the final page comes up and you're done, it's really that easy!]


I know what you must be thinking, because I used to be the same way: "These people actually waste time for a fraction of a penny, and they think that making 30c a day is fantastic? They must all be Looney Tunes!" - LoL

Well we are smarter than we appear

First of all we don't waste a single second just staring at the timer counting down, because we're too busy clicking and loading pages at our own pace (with a tabbed browser) and time seems to go by a lot more quickly.

Second, and most importantly, the ads we send out are way more likely to catch the attention of Online Opportunity Seekers (that's what Readers are) because we actually read or at least look at each email and if something is relevant to our interests we really check it out!

We also focus on recruiting affiliates because those pennies do add up!!

Finally, in case you didn't think of it already, PTRs offer Fantastic Targeted Advertising: so come and join us, you'll be adding more variety to our emails and increase profits for yourselves. On top of that, note that the activity level required in the average PTR is between 0% - 25%!!

Oh, no need to thank me, it's always a pleasure to impart knowledge, LOL!


The first thing we PTR members need, is some way of organizing our sites and earnings in the most efficient manner, so that we can keep track of our money as quickly and simply as possible. are 2 PTRs that every Reader should belong to:

DonkeyMails and CashMoneyEmail (click on name to view site)

I'll tell you why:

- Both Programs have only 2c paid emails and you get 1c for each email your Referrals read on 2 Levels!

- You only receive 5 or 6 solo emails a day so these programs are very easy to handle!

- You also have 1/2c PTCs, Point Emails and Various Other Earning options on the site.

Sign-Up BONUS is $10 for CashMoneyEmail plus you also get 5000 Free Banner Impressions: so it's very easy to recruit New Members.

Now, let's go on to some of the very best PTRs you can find. I don't think anyone can claim to know "The Best" PTRs: "The Best" is a relative term and varies from one person to another, there are just so many of them, many just as good as the sites mentioned here.

I can only claim that the PTRs on my site are good and reliable and paying.

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