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Get Paid To Write Stories

by sunny on April 23,

Get Paid To Write Stories For Comics

Sometimes You Must Have Thought Of Getting Your Stories Published In Comics. It Can Be Made Possible By Now As Comics India Is Taking Stories To Publish In Their Comics.

If your hobby is writing creative stories then you can convert them into comic books. Whether it is your own life story or your own imagination if comics India selects your story then it will be published and you will also get paid for writing stories. When comics India makes a sale, you will also get your share from the profit earned.

Actually comics India is a black and white magazine which was started in October 2009. This magazine is presently being sold online.

Why comics India needs comic creators for story writing? On this the editor comic India says “Comic India wants to create comic culture in India". Presently it is a craze among kids and teenagers only. Further he adds, “Most of the comic books lack creativity and people want to read such stories which are worthwhile and develops interest among readers.

Is it the reason why you want to stories outsourced? On this question he answered, Yes, basically interesting stories are scattered all over India and which are required to be collected. If we wanted then we could have created comics on stories already written by someone. But we did not stick to this.

We need fresh stories so that reader reading it can say WOW. In reality it is not easy to get stories having that WOW factor. For this you need creative thing and well established platform... Creative thoughts will be yours and the platform will be provided by comics India. They have published their first story book on March 2010.This will be their second volume. If you want to become a part of this volume of Comic Ind1ia then you must submit your story by the end of April 2010.

No amount is charged for entry. Story must be good, but if you are thinking of what must be the criterion for this, then do not worry. If it is your own creation then you need not to worry, as it is self made then it must be having something for which it will get selected.

Thriller, fantasy, non-fiction and moreover autobiography type of stories can be submitted.

How and When – To get answers for such questions you can visit

Fast Facts

  • Story must be self created.
  • No entry fee.
  • Equal sharing in selling profits.
  • Last date to submit stories 30-April-2010.
  • For all age groups.
  • Stories can be sent in English as well as other languages.

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